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    I want to use the tone like functionality that is there in Arduino using Breakout. I tried using the oscillator example for this. But I am not getting the same output sound out of the buzzer as like a Tone function. What should I do ?


    That’s because the oscillator is only useful at low frequencies. However, someone is working on adding Tone support to Firmata: Once this is in place I’ll be able to add a tone object to Breakout.


    Ok. Thanks for this info.

    BTW, Is there any other existing Firmata implementation (with JS or other language) which has this tone functionality implemented ?


    Not that I’m aware of. I’ll try to add Tone to the configurable branch in Firmata sometime this weekend.


    That would be great !

    One more question. Can you give me some pointers to adding a new functionality (eg. the tone functionality) to the Breakout code ? Where do I need to make that change in the JS files ?


    I just push a tone branch: Have only tested this in Arduino 1.0.5 so far. Replace the Firmata directory in Arduino 1.0.5 with the contents of the tone branch. Then load File -> Examples -> Firmata -> ConfigurableFirmata to your board.

    Here is Breakout code to test it with:


    Whoa ! Thanks a ton man!!

    Will test it out tonight and let you know.

    You are awesome 🙂


    Hey !

    Sorry for the late reply. Got busy with some work.

    The tone functionality works pretty well. Thanks for putting up the example. After seeing it, I found out it wasn’t too difficult to add this and other features.

    Thanks again!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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