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Breakout 0.3.0 available

Breakout v0.3.0 is now available from and the Download page. See update highlights below.

New grunt-based build system

The biggest change in this release is that is now used to build Breakout. This is a huge improvement over the previously cobbled together system. Anyone interested in modifying the breakout source files or contributing to BreakoutJS development will now have a much easier time. Just install nodeJS and grunt-cli then run npm install and you’ll be all set. See for instructions and details.

Now includes both dev and minified files

The Breakout/dist/ directory now includes dev (Breakout.js) and minified (Breakout.min.js) versions of each file. Previously only minified versions were available but the filenames did not include “min”. All of the example files have been updated to reflect this change, but you’ll also want to update any of your applications to use the minified files (change Breakout.js to Breakout.min.js). Your apps will continue to work if you don’t change the filename, but you’ll be including the much larger dev files. The dev files are convenient for debugging.

New docs

The docs are now generated using . This was in part necessary due to moving to grunt, but it’s also a much nicer doc set (… well when you create a custom theme at least).

Examples now work with both servers

All example files now include the socket.io client library. This means all of the examples will now work with the command line (nodeJS) version of breakout server without modification. However the side affect is that if you use the GUI version of Breakout Server you’ll see an error since there is no socket.io file to load (since you’re not using node). This error does not adversely impact your application though. It was the only way I could get the examples to work with both versions of breakout server.

See the for additional updates.