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Breakout v0.4.0 available

After a long hiatus, Breakout v0.4.0 is available from and the Download page.

This update includes the following new features:

  • Ability interface with Serial devices (such as GPS receivers, LCD screens, RFID readers, etc). Only simple serialRead and serialWrite are provided so far. Device specific modules will be added in the future (contributions are always welcome).
  • A new INPUT_PULLUP pin mode
  • The ability to set a single digital pin value rather than a digital port value
  • Updated tooling and cleaner formatting (additional lint checks, jsbeautifier, etc)

The biggest changes to be aware of:

  • Breakout now requires rather than Firmata. This is to add support for the new Firmata Serial feature and to make it easier to add additional features going forward. Compile and upload the new sketch located in Breakout/firmware/.
  • The node.js version of breakout server (breakout-server) has been updated and moved to its own repository on github: . This should help keep the server up-to-date regardless of the Breakout.js update schedule. See the  to get started using the updated server.