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Breakout v0.3.1 available

Breakout v0.3.1 is now available from and the Download page.

This update includes the ability to auto connect upon launching Breakout Server. Be sure to delete your old version of Breakout Server and use the one included in this download instead. When you launch the server, you should see Breakout Server v0.3.0 printed to the console. To use the new auto connect functionality, you first have to attach an IOBoard (Arduino, etc) and select the serial port from the dropdown in the status panel. Then click on the settings tab. Check the “Auto Connect” box. From now on, whenever you launch Breakout Server it will auto connect to this board. Note however that in order for this to work, the board must always be plugged into the same usb port.

Breakout 0.3.1 includes an updated version of AdvancedFirmata that enables the use of high current stepper motor drivers (or drivers that require a 2 microsecond rather than 1 microsecond step delay) such as a TI DRV8825 driver. To use, pass an interface type of Stepper.DRIVER_HIGH_CURRENT as the second parameter of the Stepper object constructor.

Additional changes were under the hood. Take a look at the for the full list.

Also, OS X Mavericks users. If you’re using Breakout Server you will need to disable the App Nap feature. To do this, right-click on the Breakout Server icon and select Get Info. Then check Prevent App Nap in the General section of the Info panel. This will fix the issue of Breakout Server becoming unresponsive after the window has been out of focus for a couple of minutes.