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    Hi everyone,

    I’m trying to use the Breakout server to control my Arduino Uno via a web page.
    The serever is running fine and connected to the Arduino via COM 3 (Firmeware installed).
    The web client is also connected to the server, but the IOBoardEvent.READY event is not dispatched. I toyed around with some of the methods and properties of the IOBoard, the only maybe useful thing I found out is that the getSocket().readyState equals 0 (Conncecting).

    Has anyone a idea what I’ve could have done wrong?

    Everything seems to be so simple that even detailed tutorials don’t exists 🙂

    I’m thankful for every help!


    Did you go to the setting tab in Breakout Server and set the Webserver Root Directory? If not, click on Choose New Webserver Root and then navigate to the Breakout folder.

    If you already did that and you still have the issue, then I need more info to help you debug:

    – Which version of Windows are you running?
    – Which browser are you trying to open the html file in?
    – Are you opening the html file directly or from the server (“http://localhost:8887/examples”)?


    Hi soundanalogou, thank you for the fast reply!

    I’ve set the web servers root directory in the Breakout server and I am accessing the page on the server via localhost:8887.

    The connection seems to be okay, the status panel messages looks like in this example after connection to the Arduino and accessing the web page:

    My operating system is Windows 7, the browser I’m using is Google Chrome v36. I’ve found a info page where only older browser version where listed as compatible, so I also tried Firefox v17.

    Do I have to do something special in the Arduino code? I used exisitng code and just imported and included the AdvancedFirmata libary.


    I just tested in Windows 7 in Chrome 36 with a clean install of Breakout v0.3.1. I didn’t have any issue getting the examples to work.

    Make sure your settings panel looks like this (with the path to the Breakout folder on your system):

    settings panel

    And try the firmware example. You should see the following results:

    firmware example

    Also, I’m not sure if this would make a difference or not, but if you’re firewall is enabled, make sure port 8887 is accessible.


    Try uploading StandardFirmata instead of AdvancedFirmata. You can get from within the Arduino application. Open File -> Examples -> Firmata -> StandardFirmata. Compile and upload for your board. Use either Arduino version 1.0.5 or Arduino 1.5.7.


    Yippee, it works with the StandardFirmata!
    I’ve tested the firmware and servo example, they work fine. Are there any restrictions using the StandardFirmata?

    And thank you very much for your exceptional fast and professional help!


    It turns out that the version of AdvancedFirmata I included with Breakout v0.3.1 has a bug. It’s fixed in the latest version of AdvancedFirmata that is available separate from Breakout here:

    I’ll push a new version of Breakout tonight that includes the updated version of AdvancedFirmata.

    The only thing AdvancedFirmata currently provides that StandardFirmata does not is stepper motor control.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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