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Known Issues and Limitations

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    - Currently you can only connect to a single I/O board to Breakout Server. The ability to connect multiple I/O boards to Breakout Server will be added in a future release. You can however connect multiple clients to a single I/O board if the enable multi-client connection box is checked in the settings panel of breakout server.

    – StandardFirmata supports many common interface cases, but does not enable every type of component to be connected. For example, SPI devices are not supported (unless they also have an I2C communication option). Data transmission is limited at 57600 baud, however this is fine for most human-interface applications. You cannot use sensors or other components that connect via serial (uart) to the microcontroller (there is a way around this but it is a more advanced use of Breakout – see Breakout/custom_examples/).

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