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Just to be sure I’m understanding correctly… you have a xbee explorer attached to your Android tabled and would like to communicate from the Android tablet with and arduino using XBee with no PC involved?

Currently Breakout requires a serial to websocket bridge. This is the role of Breakout Server. However if phonegap provides a serial interface for javascript you could bypass the bridge entirely. This would require changing the Breakout source to allow direct serial connection. I’ve been meaning to abstract away the connection type so that this type of thing is easier.

If phonegap doesn’t provide a serial interface, you will need to create a serial to websocket bridge that runs on your android tablet. You may be able to port the existing java code for Breakout Server ( to an android application. That could create a local serial to websocket bridge and webserver on your Android device. Another option is if your Android application can run nodeJS you could try to run the nodeJS version of breakout server (see Breakout/node_server/).

Also see my recent post on using Xbee with Arduino: An Arduino Uno will work but you’ll have to manually reset the Arduino in order to make a connection. With a FIO you’ll get an auto reset.

Let me know if you’re aware of a phonegap serial plugin. Would love to try that out.