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Thank you for your reply! I’ve managed to get it working by editing the io.configure method slightly, but I actually have another problem with the node server in general – even when I run as downloaded with the examples provided. I get an error with line 72 of server.js:


TypeError: Object � has no method ‘toJSON’
at SerialPort.<anonymous> (/Applications/Breakout 2/node_server/server.js:72:35)
at SerialPort.EventEmitter.emit (events.js:96:17)
at Object.module.exports.raw [as parser] (/Applications/Breakout 2/node_server/node_modules/serialport/parsers.js:8:13)
at Object.options.dataCallback (/Applications/Breakout 2/node_server/node_modules/serialport/serialport.js:136:15)
at SerialPort._emitData (/Applications/Breakout 2/node_server/node_modules/serialport/serialport.js:305:20)
at afterRead (/Applications/Breakout 2/node_server/node_modules/serialport/serialport.js:283:18)
at /Applications/Breakout 2/node_server/node_modules/serialport/serialport.js:297:9
at Object.wrapper [as oncomplete] (fs.js:362:17)

Have you come across this before? Many thanks for your help.