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Thank you again!

I have a Due but it does not work with my servos (dynamixels), or at least I and many others have had a lot of trouble making it work without additional hardware.

That aside, I’ve come up with a pretty lame solution that works very well and allows for the use of any library with your code:

In short, use two Arduinos. On the html page I used the PWM code to send a pulse to Arduino #1 at, say, pin ~11. Then I connected pin 11 to a simple PWM to analog voltage circuit and connected that to an analog pin on Arduino #2. Arduino #2 reads the voltage and does whatever it wants with it; it is the board that contains all of the libraries I need.

So a command on the html page of say, “led.value = 0.25;” goes through all of this ridiculousness and is ultimately translated to something like: “dynamixel.move(1, 400);”