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Breakout 0.2.0 available

Breakout v0.2.0 is now available from  and the Download page.

The biggest change in this release is a move to AdvancedFirmata. AdvancedFirmata will enable new features to be introduced faster than they were with StandardFirmata. AdvancedFirmata is included with the Breakout distribution. You’ll find it in Breakout/firmware/AdvancedFirmata/. Open the AdvancedFirmata.ino file in the Arduino IDE (version 1.0 or higher), compile and upload to your board.  is also available separately on github.

Breakout 0.2.0 adds stepper motor support. Examples are included for driving stepper motors in 2 wire and 4 wire configurations as well as using the . See the examples in Breakout/examples/actuators. Schematics for wiring up stepper motors are included on pages 11 – 13 of the schematics.pdf file (Breakout/examples/schematics.pdf or breakoutjs.com/examples/schematics.pdf).

The Breakout/server/ directory has also been updated. The server for each platform (Mac, Win and Linux) is now in a folder. There are also separate builds for Win 32 and Win 64. The default webserver root has also changed to ../../ since the platform folders added an additional level of depth. However it’s best to go to the Settings panel in the Breakout Server application and set your webserver root by choosing the root directory with the file chooser. An eclipse archive of BreakoutServer is also included (if you clone Breakout from github – the server source is not included in the download).

See the for the full list of updates.