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    First, thank you very much for Breakout! Your work is appreciated ūüôā

    I recently acquired the Arduino Uno Rev3, and successfully completed the  Hello World example.

    Building upon the Hello World example, would it be possible to create a tutorial that allows an email to be sent at the push of the button on the breadboard?

    From what I was able to find on the web, this would require an email server to be setup locally for Arduino to send outgoing email. Would this work in tandem with Breakout or is this something that can only be achieved with the use of the Ethernet shield and its library?

    BTW, I’m a noob to the Arduino world, so please accept my apologies if I’m stepping beyond the¬†boundaries¬†of what Breakout can do.




    Sending an email is a server side action. Breakout is a client-side JavaScript library so you’d need to send an ajax request or post a form to a server and the server would actually send the email.

    You could send an email directly from an Arduino if you have an ethernet shield or wifi shield. However you’d have to write your application in c/c++ and have the required shield.

    The best option for what you want to do is to use johnny-five. It’s similar to Breakout, but it’s server-side (nodeJS) so you can send email directly. See this article on using johnny-five to achieve exactly what you are trying to do: http://blog.sendgrid.com/how-to-send-email-with-arduino-at-ny-tech-meetup/.


    Hi soundanalogous,

    Thank you so much for that clarification and the suggestion!

    The demo video was awesome and, indeed, it is possible to send email without the ethernet/wifi shield.

    I’ll tinker with johnny-five and think about other tutorials to suggest here. Now that I think about it, do you have links to projects that use Breakout?





    Here are a couple projects that I know of that use Breakout:



    Another noteworthy project using Breakout:



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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