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The instructions for using BreakoutJS with a mobile device are only for using it on a local wi-fi network. BreakoutJS was created initially for rapid prototyping.

However you could get what you are trying to achieve to work by using a router that can do port forwarding (most if not all wi-fi routers will do this). You’d need a static IP for the router (or you may be able to use dynamic DNS). You’d configure the router to forward messages to and from the static IP address to the local IP address on the network.

For people outside to connect you could print a QR code that links to the static IP address. The trick to manage then is how to handle multiple users simultaneously. Breakout Server has a mode (under the settings tab) to enable multiple connections. Check that box. This works well when multiple users are viewing data (reading sensors). It’s much trickier if you’re allowing them to control actuators (leds, motors, etc) since only one user should have control over a single actuator at a time. Such a level of control would require a custom server implementation to properly manage the connections per feature. I don’t have anything like that planned for the future. That’s when the boundary crosses from prototype to production.