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I was going to start a new topic but I think it sort of belongs here, or is at least related to this topic.

Is it possible to hack the AdvanceFirmata sketch?

It might be easier to explain what I want to do – I have a potentiometer connected to the board, and when it goes above a certain value I want it to set pin 13 to HIGH. When it goes HIGH, I want to do something a webpage. I’m trying to do this by using PinEvent.Change.

led.addEventListener(PinEvent.CHANGE, onPinChange); 


But, as you’ve probably suspected by now, I’m getting the ‘“Warning: malformed input data… resetting buffer”’ error.

Is it actually possible to do what I’ve just described? Or am I better off trying to find a work around?

I think breakoutjs is fantastic btw. I found the guides very useful