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Have you had any issues trying to run the pwm_led example on your computer rather than an external server?

Are you trying to run the Breakout Server java application on the external server or are you trying to serve pages from the external server and running Breakout Server on your local machine?

Is the external server running on the same network as the computer your Arduino board is attached to? If the server is external to your local network you may need to set up port forwarding in the router the external server is connected to.

Is the external server running Linux? If so which version (not all Linux variants seem to work well with Breakout Server).

Are you passing “location.hostname” or the IP address of the external server to the IOBoard constructor (line 69 of pwm_led.html). Try the IP address rather than “location.hostname” if you have not already.

Did you copy the entire Breakout/examples/ director to the external server or just the getting_started directory? Many examples require the Breakout/examples/libs directory as well which could explain why the slider is not loading. If you have also copied select files instead of the full Breakout directory to the external server, make sure that your webserver root is set properly (see the Settings panel in Breakout Server).