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I’m able to connect to Breakout Server running on Window 7 Home edition 64-bit (emulated on a Mac). I can connect to a Nexus 5x (Running Stock Android 6.0.1) and an iPad running iOS 9.1. It works even with the firewall enabled.

Here is a screenshot showing the location of breakout server in relation to the Breakout directory. Also note the Webserver Root Director under the settings tab in Breakout Server. This should point to the Breakout directory to run the examples.


Here are my firewall settings:


I also noticed that in Advanced Settings > Inbound Rules, breakout server.exe is listed. Make sure it is listed for you as well. I didn’t do anything manually to get it listed. I assume it gets there by accepting a permission dialog the first time you open the application.

I’ll try upgrading to Windows 10 later to see if that makes any difference.