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I am having the same problem. I downloaded Breakout v.0.3.2 and I am unable to connect my Android phone. I am just trying to run the Hello_world example, I changed the host to my laptop’s IP address and when I run the example it works fine on my laptop (that is where the Breakout Server is running) but then on my Android phone, using Chrome, I go to and enter in the same IP address then hit enter on my device keyboard, nothing happens.

1. Download Breakout v.0.3.2 on mac
2. Change hello world example line: var arduino = new IOBoard(“”, 8887);
3. Run Breackout Server for mac
4. Check that it is working fine on mac laptop using Chrome (yes, it’s fine)
5. Reset server connection (disconnect then connect again)
6. On Android phone go to, enter laptop IP address
7. Hit enter on my phone keyboard and nothing happens.

Am I missing a step?