Breakout examples updated

Update 7/18/12: The changes described here have been integrated into the Breakout v0.1.6 release. Please download 0.1.6 or clone the master.

The Breakout examples have been updated to be more mobile friendly. If you have cloned Breakout from github you can pull the latest master branch to get the updated examples. If you downloaded the Breakout release from the Breakout website or from the github site, you can download from the github Downloads page and overwrite the existing examples folder in your Breakout/examples/ directory.

In the updated examples, the IOBoard constructor is now passed location.hostname rather than “localhost”. This enables the example to be viewed on mobile devices as well as other computers on the same network as the computer running the Breakout Server or nodejs-based server. If you are hosting files on a separate computer than the one the Arduino (or other IO Board) is connected to, then you will need to update the IP address or hostname to that of the computer the IO Board is connected to.

The servo, dc motor and oscillator examples were also updated to view better on smartphones. The updated examples are being supplied separate from the full Breakout package at this time because no changes were made to the Breakout core so it’s easier just to swap out the example folder if you need the updated examples at this time.

Arduino Leonardo support added

A minor update to Breakout is now available that adds an example for using Breakout with an Arduino Leonardo board. See Breakout/examples/boards/leonardo.html in the Breakout v0.1.5 release. Also see the Leonardo wiring diagram on page 25 of Breakout/examples/schematics.pdf.

Adding Arduino Leonardo support required an update to the Firmata library that is included with the Arduino application. In order to use a Leonardo board with Breakout, you will first need to update the Firmata library in the Arduino application. See instructions here. This is an update to the Firmata library and is fully backwards compatible with the previous version of Firmata.

Download Breakout 0.1.5.

Breakout v0.1.4 available

Breakout v0.1.4 is now available to download. This release fixes an issue with the fadeTo method of the LED and RGBLED objects. An issue with false release event triggers when connecting more than one button to pins 2 – 7 of a standard Arduino board has also been fixed. A DISCONNECTED event has been added to IOBoardEvent. This event is fired when the IOBoard is disconnected from the server.

Breakout 0.1.3 Available + new examples

Breakout 0.1.3 beta is now available to download. This release fixes a few bugs and adds a few analog sensor examples. The schematics.pdf file (Breakout/examples/ or has also been updated to add the analog sensor examples as well as a schematic of using the dcmotor.html example with an external power supply. The hello_word.html example has been updated and simplified to better demonstrate input and output. The new example also works well with mobile devices (although much slower than on your desktop machine).

You’ll also find a template.html file in Breakout/examples/getting_started/. This example simply uses the onboard LED (connected to pin 13) of a standard Arduino board. It’s a good starting point for your projects.

Templates were also added to the processing.js examples (Breakout/examples/processing_js/) as well as a simpler processing.js + Breakout example (basic_example.js).

See the ChangeLog file for a full list of changes.

Breakout 0.1.2 available

Breakout version 0.1.2 fixes an issue with Firefox 11.

Breakout 0.1.1 available

Breakout v0.1.1 is now available. This update fixes an issue with Breakout Server that prevented serial ports other than the first listed to be selected. This release also includes updates to the actuator, filter and generator examples to use in-browser control. See the change log for the full list of changes.

Breakout Beta Available!

The initial Breakout beta release is finally available!! Download the Breakout_v0.1.0.beta release or clone the source from the Breakout github repository.

See the Getting Started Guide to get up and running.

You’ll find lots of examples in Breakout/examples/ as well as schematics for wiring them up. See the File Structure Overview guide for more info on what’s included in the release package.

If you get stuck, please sign up and post to the forum.

There’s still more work to do. Hopefully the Breakout Basics guides will be added by the end of the week. Some of the examples will also be updated. Right now they’re pretty basic.