Breakout v0.1.7 available

Breakout v0.1.7 is now available from github and the Download page.

This release includes a number of contributions by Fabian Affolter. See the change log for a list of all changes.

Some highlights are an examples index page. You’ll find this in Breakout/examples/index.html. This makes it much easier to run the examples from your PC or a mobile device (especially much easier on a smartphone). A few more examples have also been added to the /examples/getting_started/ directory and a new schematic is available on page 3 of /examples/schematics.pdf that can be used for all of the getting started examples.

The nodeJS server has been updated. You can now add command line options when starting up the server. If you have been using the nodeJS based server (in Breakout/node_server/) please note that the default port has been changed from 8080 to 8887. Also you no longer set the 3rd parameter of the IOBoard constructor to true when using the nodeJS server. Now simply including the client library indicates the intent to use the nodeJS server rather than Breakout Server. See the wiki page for more info on using the nodeJS server. I also hope to create an npm package for the server in the near future.