Breakout v0.1.6 available

Breakout v0.1.6 is now available. This version adds a few new examples, adds the fritzing files used to create the schematics, and fixes an issue with the accelerometer.html example in Breakout/examples/processing_js/.

You will find 3 new examples in Breakout/examples/device_sensors/ that demonstrate how to use the HTML5 DeviceMotion and DeviceOrientation APIs (if your mobile device supports these APIs) to control the RGB and Hue values of an RGBLED and a BlinkM RGBLED module. You will also find 2 new examples in Breakout/examples/getting_started/ (analog_input.html and simple_led.html) contributed by Fabian Affolter.

If you are updating from a previous version, note that the Breakout Server application has not changed since v0.1.1 so if you want to make updating easier you can continue to use your existing version of Breakout Server. If you have not already, move the Breakout Server application to your Applications directory (or elsewhere outside of the Breakout directory), then launch the application, click on the Settings tab, click on Choose New Webserver Root, then navigate to your Breakout directory, highlighting the Breakout folder then click Choose. I will make an announcement when any changes are made to the Breakout Server application. Until then you can continue using the existing version rather than extracting the files from Breakout/server/ each time an update to the Breakout library is released.