Breakout examples updated

Update 7/18/12: The changes described here have been integrated into the Breakout v0.1.6 release. Please download 0.1.6 or clone the master.

The Breakout examples have been updated to be more mobile friendly. If you have cloned Breakout from github you can pull the latest master branch to get the updated examples. If you downloaded the Breakout release from the Breakout website or from the github site, you can download from the github Downloads page and overwrite the existing examples folder in your Breakout/examples/ directory.

In the updated examples, the IOBoard constructor is now passed location.hostname rather than “localhost”. This enables the example to be viewed on mobile devices as well as other computers on the same network as the computer running the Breakout Server or nodejs-based server. If you are hosting files on a separate computer than the one the Arduino (or other IO Board) is connected to, then you will need to update the IP address or hostname to that of the computer the IO Board is connected to.

The servo, dc motor and oscillator examples were also updated to view better on smartphones. The updated examples are being supplied separate from the full Breakout package at this time because no changes were made to the Breakout core so it’s easier just to swap out the example folder if you need the updated examples at this time.