Breakout 0.1.3 Available + new examples

Breakout 0.1.3 beta is now available to download. This release fixes a few bugs and adds a few analog sensor examples. The schematics.pdf file (Breakout/examples/ or has also been updated to add the analog sensor examples as well as a schematic of using the dcmotor.html example with an external power supply. The hello_word.html example has been updated and simplified to better demonstrate input and output. The new example also works well with mobile devices (although much slower than on your desktop machine).

You’ll also find a template.html file in Breakout/examples/getting_started/. This example simply uses the onboard LED (connected to pin 13) of a standard Arduino board. It’s a good starting point for your projects.

Templates were also added to the processing.js examples (Breakout/examples/processing_js/) as well as a simpler processing.js + Breakout example (basic_example.js).

See the ChangeLog file for a full list of changes.